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Why buying genuine auto parts are necessary for your car?

When a customer requests a service from a workshop to solve car body damages, always expect the best result. And to meet these expectations, workshops and official services have the option of working with Original auto parts and accessories, the only ones manufactured directly by car manufacturers to ensure the quality of materials.

For a client, the confidence in which the work on his vehicle will be carried out following the highest quality standards is fundamental, and the workshops must take advantage of this trust to guarantee an excellent service.

Why to use genuine parts?

Using original parts and spare parts means great advantages for the workshop. To begin with, the manufacturers put all their effort into maintaining high demands in terms of manufacturing quality and reliability. Thus, parts such as fins or engine hoods must pass strict quality controls so that all its components perfectly fulfill their purpose. Vauxhall MokkaX Personal Lease

Safe: The original parts were created under the same quality standards as those assembled at the factory. In this way they possess exact materials, resistance and tolerances to the inevitable wear. Consequently, they are safer, since they guarantee that they will maintain the same level of operation of the car. With them, you will never experience unforeseen mechanical failures.

Quality and durability: Along with offering a guarantee to the customer, they have the important support or support of the car brand. In each of the manufacturing steps, they meet the demanding production standards. On the contrary, the non-genuine pieces seek to reduce costs, so that the quality decreases substantially.

Optimum operation: The original parts and quality, meet the high parameters required by the brand. So they work perfectly with the rest of the vehicle parts. However, in the case of non-genuine, the opposite happens. The assembly of the piece can be complex. Even demand the manipulation and modification of it so that it can fit. When the mechanics of the car are required, damage may occur in other parts. Vauxhall MokkaX Used Cars

Protection of the commercial value of the vehicle: every owner of a model aspires to keep as much as possible the amount of it. And only by installing quality spare parts, such as Le Blanc. The resale value of the car is protected in quantitative terms.


To determine the quality differences between the original spare parts and the non-original spare parts is essential to guarantee the quality of the service, and a series of analyzes and tests show the great difference. During the tests, among other parameters, the exact adjustment, the quality of manufacture, the properties of the materials and the anti-corrosion properties are analyzed. The results of these tests make clear again that the quality of the Original Spare Parts is irreplaceable.